Lady Hoops @ The LADYcab Fundraiser

10372965_423358507812602_6940230754104024741_oLADYCab is web series created by Marianne Trenka, Kirsten Humbert, and Tessa J. Brown: We want LADYCab to be a political satire that highlights the obstacles that women, trans people, and gender non-conforming people, face in day to day life. But this project needs funding!

This fundraiser is a chance to see some very TALENTED ladies and support a project that helps give women, femme-identified people, and other people who often face harassment in public places a space where their voices can be heard. With your support we can make this project a reality, and also have a very ladylike time together!

Biscuits will be provided – don’t forget your ladies’ hats!! Please note: this show will be primarily in English (with the exception ONE lady, who speaks French. Such a LADYlike language!!).


  • Zelda Blue
  • Kelly Spinstress
  • Chérie Coquette
  • Punani DiFranco
  • Kirsten Humbert
  • Lady Hoops
  • Uma Gahd
  • Seska Lee
  • Diane Labelle

Stage Kitten: Mademoiselle Lemew

Hosted by Florence and Emily

Doors at 7:00PM
Tickets: Pre-Sale $8 / Door $1
Eventbrite - LADYcab Fundraiser


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