The Cabaneux: A highly musical and clownish show that takes you back in time

Show context

The city of Côte Saint-Luc has been a long-time partner of M.Trenka Productions. We had collaborated on several circus shows and entertainment in the past. The city approached us again for a show: The Cabaneux.. There was great excitement surrounding the show. The cultural center of the city, which hosted the event, was packed to the brim on the day of the performance.

Objectives of The Cabaneux show

The main objective of The Cabaneux show was to entertain the audience. To achieve this, we offered a show with:

  • Interaction with the audience
  • A magic act
  • A new formula that highlights the sugar time
  • A very musical flavor (accordion, washboard…) that takes you back in time
  • A script that talks about the time of our grandparents (Ah! Nostalgia!)

The Cabaneux concept: A musical show

A duo straight from the sugar shack! Singers, clownish storytellers, Monique and Ronald are here to liven up the wooden crate in the back of the woodshed! They represent the traditional Quebec lumberjacks that we love so much!

A Circus show that wowed everyone

At the end of the show, excitement was at its peak.

  • Several parents and children came to greet us.
  • A spectator asked us for the recipe for grandma’s spaghetti (presented during the show) 😄.
  • People asked us several questions about incomprehensible things (mystery) surrounding our magic acts 😁.

In short, the show amazed them.