Casse-Noisette: A unique and colorful circus show

Circus show context

In 2022, we were approached by the production house Animation Richard Lacroix to present an entertainment based on the Casse-Noisette concept.. They loved the theme and, above all, the performance. So, they contacted us again in 2023. This time, they wanted us to adapt the Casse-Noisette concept into a circus show. It was a real challenge in terms of scenery, costumes, and especially time (only 3 weeks to prepare the show).

Objectives of the magical Casse-Noisette show

The main objective of the Casse-Noisette show was to entertain the audience. To achieve this:

  • The Casse-Noisette had to perform a show for Santa Claus
  • The Casse-Noisette had to present a series of Christmas challenges to families
  • The Casse-Noisette had to rehearse the show to be presented to Santa Claus
  • The Casse-Noisette had to interact with the audience by having them vote to choose who will perform the show for Santa Claus.

The Casse-Noisette concept: A fantastic circus show

Casse-Noisette features extraordinary circus characters. Cannelle and Muscade will impress you with their clowning antics and circus skills, transporting you to a fantastical world of dreams and enchantment. The two companions will delight both young and old with the help of their famous toy box! Watch out for Cannelle, who loves to play tricks!

An interactive circus show for a happy audience

To engage the entire audience, we gave them the opportunity to vote to choose who will perform the show for Santa Claus. This way, the audience feels like part of the show. This helps to:

  • Break down barriers
  • Create closeness with the audience

For 45 minutes, the audience loved the show and especially the interactivity. Animation Richard Lacroix was thrilled with our performance. They found the acts extraordinary. It was a memorable circus show.