Breathtaking event entertainment

A tailor-made concept for an original event entertainment

This summer, we came up with a concept for a client who wanted a bubble workshop.

We took this request constructively because there were a number of logistical constraints that were unrealistic. Ce que nous avons proposé c’est de créer de toute pièce une animation d’événement qui jumelle la demande du client. The DiscoMobule was invented and designed in collaboration with Marianne as artistic director and Samuel as technical director.

Extraordinary collaborations for stunning shows and event entertainment

We toured a number of cities with a variety of concepts including the famous DiscoMobule and our performance by the National Mini-Tandem cycling team. October 2023 was a month full of family events, each more frightening than the last namely :

  • an animated skating rink,
  • light shows,
  • fire-eating displays,
  • circus shows,
  • and lots of other event entertainment for municipalities.

We also took on a great project in collaboration with Animation Richard Lacroix, featuring two fire-eaters and a sound and special effects editing for the town of Lasalle.

A satisfied client asking for even more amazing event entertainment!!!

At Côte Saint Luc, a client who has trusted us for several years, wanted, again this year, to offer breathtaking entertainment through an enchanted forest in the Pierre Eliote Trudeau park.

In 2022, we had 7 artists plus a sound and special effects technician who worked on this project. In 2023, our client wanted something bigger. So, we doubled the number of performers for an even more grandiose staging. We also had a similar event entertainment mandate in Dorval to celebrate Halloween.